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Why and How We Give

We give out of obedience to Scripture, we give out of a sense of gratitude, and we give in the knowledge that God will supply all of our needs.
The Bible teaches us a standard for giving to God: tithing.  This first 10% of our income that we give to the local church is a way that we put God first in our lives.  It is an act of worship where we show our faith in God, how thankful we are to Him for providing for us and our love for others around us.  This is the one area in Scripture where we are encouraged to test God.  
Make a decision today to practice the discipline of tithing and watch the amazing things God will do in your life!


The Historic Parsells Church now offers online giving through the Mobile App and you can will find this app on your mobile devices App store.


Be sure to download the Green and White App and set up an account, then you are ready to search for The Historic Parsells Church.


Once you find our church in the App you can designate the fund of your choice. You do not have to pay the fee to submit funds unless you chose to do so. 

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Thank you for your

continued support

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