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The Historic Parsells Church (THPC) is a committed group of believers who are answering God's call to tackle injustice, bring people back to God and create authentic loving relationships with those that we encounter.

We believe in Learning, Growing and Succeeding together.

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The Historic Parsells Church officially held the final church services December 31, 2023. The Executive Board of the church would like to express our sincere appreciation to all of the members, clergy, friends and organizations that we have had the honor of serving through the years.  The decision to close was not made in haste, we have great concern for our members. Our earnest prayer is for God to bless and keep our church family, that everyone will remain connected and find a new church home.


We are working on creating a legacy for the church and our beloved pastor.  Look for an announcement in the next few months as we work on finalizing the plan.  

We are continuing the Impactful Prayer Line every Saturday morning at 7AM. See the information below on our Website. 

May God's Grace, Love, Peace and Joy be with you.


Kim S. Smith-Osborne

Church Council Chair

A Place of Love, New Hope and Fellowship

The Historic Parsells Church

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Saturday Morning 7:00AM - 7:20AM

Conference Call: 1-202-926-1192

Access Code: 239102#

"And now, Lord, let the promise you have made concerning your servant and his house be established forever. Do as you promised,..."

I Chronicles 17:23 (NIV)


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